Japanese Language Course

Learn about Japan at KOKUSEN

Learn Japanese, study Japanese culture and live in Japan. Start with KOKUSEN for your future career.

Question 1

Will I become able to speak Japanese at KOKUSEN?

Ghale Gurung Manmaya

(From Nepal)


You will steadily master Japanese with the optimal curriculum and in the ideal learning environment! In addition to Japanese lessons according to your level, you will also learn about Japanese culture with the matic learning.

We will raise your Japanese ability from the basic to university admission level

We provide group learning on themes in Japanese culture (e.g., anime)

You will learn real Japanese while interacting with Japanese students

Question 2

Will I be able to keep up in lessons with my current language skills?

Ugyen Rinzin

(From Bhutan)


We provide courses according to your Japanese level!

We establish the learning period according to your understanding of Japanese. You can learn Japanese efficiently. Lessons are divided into morning and afternoon classes.

Question 3

What kind of teachers will teach us students?

Phung Thi Trang

(From Vietnam)


Experienced teachers with skills and knowledge will give you thorough guidance!

We have professional Japanese language teachers at KOKUSEN. Therefore, you can learn with peace of mind.

Question 4

Do you provide support in economic terms?

Dhimal Nabin

(From Nepal)


We offer scholarships to enthusiastic international students! We provide economic support!

We have a scholarship system that allows you to learn with peace of mind. Why donʼt you try and be selected for this in the college!

Question 5

How is it living in Japan?

Tharpa Dema

(From Bhutan)


We offer outstanding convenience near an airport! You can also live with peace of mind in the student dormitories!

KOKUSEN is located near Hakata and Tenjin in the center of Fukuoka. The student dormitories also fully equipped. Accordingly, you can live here with peace of mind.

Question 6

Please tell me about the path after graduating from KOKUSEN.

Doan anh Quyet

(From Vietnam)


We provide courses according to your Japanese level!

You can have peace of mind about your path after graduation! We will support you as you advance onto a special course in KOKUSEN or onto university!

Surveying Technology Information Course

You can learn about technology concerning surveying from the basics with a practical curriculum involving practice in one third of lessons.

[Learning Points]

Look to become a registered surveyor assistant (national qualification) at the same time as when you graduate
Learn with cuttingedge technologies(e.g., drones)
Master surveying technologies that are also applicable to the IT society
Beneficial lessons focused on actual surveying practice
International Information Business Course

You will acquire the IT skills and Japanese language ability necessary to be a business person connecting the world and Japan.

[Learning Points]

Acquire the essential IT skills for business
Master practical Japanese language abilities
Refine your presentation skills
You can acquire qualifications you will be able to use in your work